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Feminine Rhyme

Get our LP Women Of Machines at iTunes now !   The LP is worldwide so all of our fans will get a chance to get this highly anticipated album, also you can get a Feminine Rhyme T shirt!   Just go to our website.  FeminineRhyme.com


                                                                                                        Click the Image!!

Feminine Rhyme T -Shirt

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Politics What Is Liberty

Politics What Is Liberty!

Authentic, NEW, and needed, PWR to Feminine Rhyme

Feminine Rhyme

Our Single from Women Of Machines has been chosen! The song “Politics What Is Liberty” will be released 


Politics cover (1)

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New Music Alert

New Music Week Promotion Starts Now! http://www.femininerhyme.com

Feminine Rhyme


We are about to release this awesome LP here is the NEW cover you will see on all online stores worldwide!

LP Cover

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Everyone should know about this:)

The Real Optimist

Entertainment has not been this original in years, no one makes these Women but them selves, they are  innovatorsand it has not been seen like this, with fans all over Europe and the US they have yet to take over the WORLD! with their talent and originality Feminine Rhyme are surprising, beautiful, talented, strong, and humanitarians, fans say their Superb, Addictive  Attractive , Genius, Blessed.  There is so much greatness that it can not be listed, find out for you selves and see what the Fans are talking about.



AJ and D Feminine Rhyme 2012 - Copy

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Vote Feminine Rhyme

Feminine Rhyme

Shalom !

There is this awesome mainstream radio site where you can vote for us and we thought we would share it with everyone on our blog, you can vote once a week! we sure hope you will pass this info on and vote it is very easy!

To vote Feminine Rhyme! Just click here! –  IMN-RADIO


God Speed

Feminine Rhyme


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title=”Latest Releases! “>Latest Releases!

Stop by our website and, check out the latest releases from our artists @ Rough N Rude Records!

In Cyber Stores

All Major online stores pass it on 🙂

The Real Optimist

Go to iTunes to purchase Ambition 

Feminine Rhyme are members Anonymous J and Vay ‘D the Entertainment Innovators have a self created genre/production titled Eclectic Pop ® as business savvy women this duo has a publishing Co. called Electric Pop Publishing Company™. That’s not half of the businesses that they have yet to come.

Feminine Rhyme publishes,manages,produces, and writes all their own material, they are signed to Clarke Jones Rough N Rude Records (Germany) the duo has an EP available world wide in every major online store the EP is titled Ambition. Once the Women Of Machines © LP is recorded, the world
will finaly see that the entertainment world still has  innovators.

Women Of Machines © is an album that focuses on, Politics, Love, Life, and of course, the music industry. there is lots more in store. And it’s done like you’ve never seen or even heard before.

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New Music Coming soon!

The Creators of Eclectic Pop TM are, Heading to the studio real soon!

Feminine Rhyme

We are close to getting in the studio to record our new album Women Of Machines (c). After the release we will be going on tour in Europe and the U.S so… hold fast ye heathens, We have a great album that is yet to come! You will definitely be impressed with our Eclectic creativity, unique sound and, originality. This album is a must have for your CD collection. Music will be available in all major stores.


By the Way right now you can buy tracks from our previous release Ambition (c)





and more…….

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